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Recognizze Cypher

For Recognizze’s first cypher, the artists and the team weren’t really sure what to expect but in typical Cleveland fashion, talent emerged. With 11 artists entering into the cypher, only 8 would make it the second round. For the judges, Dayne, Eli, and DThack, they expected it to be an easy choice, but they soon found out that they were wrong. With Chucky Supreme controlling the music, the first round showcased some great bars, some artists playing off of words thrown out from the crowd, and punchlines aimed at other artists on the spot. Ultimately, they put four artists on the chopping block and since only three were eliminated this round, it was up to the crowd to save one artist and it was clear that they wanted Visual 9 to stay in the running.

The next round got even more intense because even with everyone bringing their A-game, three artists had to be eliminated. To keep their place in the cypher, Lord Setty and Cal had to battle each other. With their choice of a beat and one-minute, it was obvious that Lord Setty would be moving on.

With the competition cut in half and only five artists remaining, elimination would go one by one. Every artist had one minute and what they did with that minute was crazy! As the artists continued to dwindle, each artist had to come even harder, forcing many t come at each other, making for a very interesting night. In the end, it was lyricism infused with content that got Bizzoe and $hadow¬†6 into the finals. Standing face to face with one another, they were each given two minutes to show off their best bars. Since $hadow¬†6 handed off the mic before his time was up, Bizzoe would have to fall off hard to lose the title and that didn’t happen. Instead, he went in for the full two minutes winning himself $100 cash and an exclusive Recognizze interview.

Video footage of the event, as well as the exclusive interview with the winner will be released soon so stay tuned!