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Tae Fresh

Tae Fresh is one of the hottest artists out of Columbus and the entire state of Ohio right now. His new EP “Dark” is making waves everywhere it goes and it’s easy to see why. With solid production from ItsNotHarold, Tae has found his sound. On his first EP, “Black Hearts and 808s” the duo came together and did something incredible. Now, just a few months later, they do it again and it seems effortless. With Tae’s compelling¬†voice half rapping, half singing about popping pills, sipping lean, and getting cash, backed by ItsNotHarold’s pumping bass, it’s impossible not to get caught up in the Dark Wave Riot. Check out both EP’s “Dark” and Black Hearts and 808s” below!


Elliot Trent lends his assistance on some production, and his vocals on a couple tracks as well. You can view his music here